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Can usRAP be used to assess any road or network?

YES! The program can be applied anywhere, whether rural or urban,  freeway or residential street, major commuter thoroughfare or scenic bypass.

Is it true that usRAP doesn't require crash or fatality data?

Yes - in generating its outputs, usRAP uses only video data coded according to the presence, absence, and/or quality of design features known to be associated with severe crash risk. However, we should note 3 things:

  • If your agency has access to crash data, usRAP can incorporate that to help calibrate the predictive models to local conditions.
  • If your agency has access to crash data, usRAP offers another protocol, known as Risk Mapping, which generates network maps according to actuarial crash data. This is an entirely different product from the star ratings and safer roads investment plans.
  • While crash data isn't required, vehicle-miles travelled (VMT) information is highly valuable. This data can be in the form of rough estimates, but ballpark figures are helpful for calculating benefit-cost ratios, etc.

How much does usRAP cost?

Use of the usRAP protocols and the ViDA software is made available by the Roadway Safety Foundation and iRAP as a public service at no charge. This includes user training and accreditation, and ad hoc technical assistance. Not included, however, are costs incurred from data collection and coding, among other expenses.

Are there certain types of roads or locations that usRAP is particularly suited to analyzing?

usRAP is equally applicable to any type of road network. However, certain highway agencies are likely to experience a particular benefit from the program. These include authorities responsible for low-VMT roads, where crash patterns may not emerge clearly, and/or agencies with limited access to crash and other data.

What should I do if I'm interested in pursuing a usRAP project?

Please contact usRAP's primary sponsor, the Roadway Safety Foundation, for more information:

Bruce Hamilton

Director of Safety and Research Programs

Roadway Safety Foundation

1920 L ST NW STE 525

Washington, DC 20036